Lumex: QuasarBrite™ T-5mm Ultra Bright LED Indicators

These LED indicators are an industry standard T-5mm package design and are able to be designed into any applications where standard T-5mm LED indicators are used, but require more light output applications of end uses.

Part NumberEmitted ColorChip MaterialPeak Wavelength (nm)Lens TypeTyp. VfIntensity Typ. (mcd)View Angle 2x ThetaIf (mA)
SSL-LX5093UWC/HCool WhiteInGaN-Clear3.2270001520
SSL-LX5093SYC + GYellowAllnGaP595Clear2.1165001220
SSL-LX5093SIC + GRedAllnGaP630Clear2.1150001520
SSL-LX5093UPGC + GGreenInGaN520Clear3.2400001520


  • High brightness suitable for outdoor
  • Standard T-5mm package design
  • Clear lens with more color clarity
  • Operating temp up to +85°C, suitable for outdoor and extreme temperature environments


  • Industrial controls: safety control panel
  • Automotive: battery indication, brake lighting
  • Medical: dental equipment
  • Construction: outdoor signage equipment
  • The QuasarBrite T-5mm ultra bright LED indicators serve in a wide variety of markets and applications