Varta: eCall Your Future

In an accident or in distress, the emergency call (eCall) system in our cars wirelessly transmit our precise location, direction of travel, exact time and number of occupants as it sends a call for help. Nowhere is wireless technology needed more than in car accidents and the universal cry is revamping the communication systems around the world.

Emergency call systems save more than lives – they expedite medical aid diminishing severe injury complications, shorten traffic jam time, conserve gasoline and they save municipalities money. These signals can be automatic – triggered by severe impact – or manual – when the distress button is pressed.

If all cars were equipped with these devices – sensors and the standardization of communication systems were in place – countries would save billions of dollars a year and hundreds of thousands of lives. The quicker response would mitigate the severity of hundreds of thousands of injuries – giving many better recovery prospects. Faster response enables faster clearance of crash sites with fewer traffic jams, reduced risk of secondary accidents, and savings on fuel with lower CO2 emissions.

Telematics technology for vehicle systems – wireless data delivery, route advisories, traffic information and public safety answering point systems – will soon be universalized with standardization in communication protocols.

Future Electronics in partnership with VARTA Microbattery, Inc. can provide a variety of battery chemistries to fit these types of critical vehicle applications. VARTA’s engineers and consultants are meeting the demands of OEMs – small and large. Future Electronics and VARTA are ready to work with you to help design a successful finished product with extensive engineering and Best-In-Class consultation.