Vishay: Space and Power Saving PowerPAK® 8x8L Package AEC-Q101-Qualified for Automotive Applications

Vishay’s SQJQ402E, the industry’s first AEC-Q101 qualified, 100% lead-free MOSFET in 8 x 8mm footprint, offers high temperature operation to +175°C providing the ruggedness and reliability required for automotive applications.

The internal construction of the device’s PowerPAK 8x8L 8 x 8mm package minimizes inductance and enables a low maximum on-resistance of 1.5mΩ at 10V and 1.8mΩ at 4.5V. Additional design features also provide very high continuous drain current capability up to 200A.

The device also features gull-wing leads specifically designed to reduce PCB solder joint stress caused by the wide range of operating temperatures commonly experienced in automotive applications.

To save PCB space and costs, and enable the creation of smaller and lighter modules in applications where multiple MOSFETs are often required, the SQJQ402E offers similar on-resistance and higher continuous current than devices in the D2PAK, while providing a 60% smaller footprint area and 60% thinner profile.

To save power, the SQJQ402E offers half the on-resistance, twice the current, and a 21% smaller profile than devices in the DPAK, all with only a 12% larger footprint.

The SQJQ402E signals the release of an extensive roadmap of MOSFETs that will allow designers to exploit the benefits of this package in a multitude of automotive applications such as motor drives, electric power steering, transmission control, and injector drives.

SQJQ402E – 40V, 1.7mΩ in PowerPAK 8x8L


PowerPAK 8x8L (8 x 8 x 1.9mm)PowerPAK 8x8L (8 x 8 x 1.9mm)
ID Max (TC = +25°C)200A
RDS(ON) - 10V Max1.7mΩ
Qg Typ.169nC
RDS - Qg FOM220mΩ-nC

Achieves similar or lower RDS(ON) in 58% smaller package than D2PAK


  • Very low package resistance contributes to low RDS(ON) and reduces paralleling requirement
  • Gull-wing leads provide stress relief during temperature cycling +175°C max junction temperature
  • 200A absolute max continuous drain current capability
  • 100% lead-free