Yageo: Automotive Product Family

The ever increasing presence of electronics in the automotive environment requires a wide diversity of passive components possessing advanced product characteristics and superior reliability.

Not only are established systems like engine control, power steering, transmission, climate control, and lighting undergoing monumental changes, but relatively new systems, such as car-to-car communications, driver assistance, and self-parking are experiencing similar transformations which call for a greater number of resistors and capacitors.

Yageo has introduced the automotive grade MLCCs in two temperature characteristics: NPO and X7R. The AC Automotive series features excellent long term reliability and improved mechanical properties. As a discrete part or within an array, this series covers the products required within infotainment and comfort and convenience applications.

For the majority of automotive applications, the workhorse solution has been the standard AC series of chip resistors thick film technology.

Only a specially designed solution manufactured using selected materials can meet the needs of harsh environmental conditions in safety systems where sulfur may be a challenge. Yageo has the ultimate solution, the AA chip resistor series.

High precision resistors working under humid conditions must meet unsurpassed reliability standards. Thin film AT series resistors from Yageo are the perfect choice for circuitry in power steering, instrument clusters, ECU, and ABS.


  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • 100% performed by automatic optical inspection
  • Capable of performing under the most demanding of conditions
  • Mass production under TS 19649 certification
  • Superior resistance against sulfur-containing environments
  • High precision and stability


  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial and medical equipment
  • Test and measuring equipment
  • Telecommunications