ams: AS3728: 8A HV Dual-Phase Power Stage

The AS3728 is an 8A high voltage power stage to complement the AS3722’s high current DC/DC controllers.

The AS3728 provides for a streamlined power architecture in embedded systems, since it can supply the high current required by processor cores directly from a 12V power rail. The AS3728 power stage has a highly thermally efficient design and supports two phases, each of 4A (maximum), with an independent control input for each. The device incorporates separate low and high side N-channel MOSFETs for each phase.

• 2 phases with separate control input
• Standalone zero-crossing operation
• 12V operating range
• Separate low side and high side power NMOS for 4A per phase
• Integrated temperature monitoring
• 2.415 x 1.615 x 0.4mm WL-CSP24 package