ams : TMx4903 Low Profile, Optical Sensor Module Reduces Board Space Requirements and Lowers Smartphone BOM Cost

ams’ new series of advanced optical sensing modules, the TMx4903, integrates multiple functions including universal remote control, barcode emulation, RGB color sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection in a low-profile 5.0 x 2.0 x 1.0mm package.

The high level of integration in the TMx4903 modules reduces board space requirements and lowers bill of material (BOM) cost while delivering exciting new capabilities required by today’s smartphones. By integrating multiple optical sensing functions, and an IR LED in a module, the TMx4903 devices help to simplify smartphone board layouts, giving greater flexibility to system designers. The low profile package also helps designers to meet consumer demand for sleeker, slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing smartphone designs.

The module variants in the series, the TMD4903 and TMG4903, perform accurate color and proximity sensing, and integrate an IRBeam IR pattern generator. The IR pattern generator emits remote control beam patterns for any tandards compliant consumer product. The URC capability is also compatible with the Android™ consumer. IR programming interface for remote-control applications on smartphones. Mobeam 1D barcode emulation for use at retail point of sale (POS) terminals is also supported.

The TMG4903 device also provides the industry’s most advanced touchless IR gesture sensing capability. ams’ new 3D gesture technology enables the recognition of complex hand gestures, supplementing simple north-south and east-west 2D gestures supported by ams’ 1st generation TMG3992 gesture sensor.

The TMx4903 new 3D gesture and proximity capability draws on the modules’ automatic adjustment of the IR LED’s timing and power output, minimizing noise and power consumption while optimizing sensitivity and dynamic range. The TMx4903 incorporates innovative circuit techniques which rejects ambient light noise. Automatic calibration removes electrical artifacts caused by noise and optical cross-talk. This integrated intelligent LED drive capability eliminates the requirement for the application processor to control LED driving functions which simplifies the phone’s software implementation and reduces processing capability required for instantaneous gesture recognition.

Today’s leading smartphones are known for integrating cutting edge technology, functionality and aesthetics. The space savings enabled by the use of the TMD4903 or TMG4903 help OEMs to set new standards of integration in the smartphone industry.



  • Color (RGB) and ambient light sensor with integrated UV/IR blocking filters
  • IRBeam optical pattern generator
  • Proximity detection with adaptive dynamic range, automatic crosstalk cancellation and ambient light rejection
  • Integrated optical module


  • Enables highly accurate color and ambient light sensing under varying lighting conditions
  • Supports Mobeam and universal remote control functionality
  • Low profile, small footprint package reduces board space – ideal for small devices


  • Parallel ALS, proximity and gesture operation
  • Four simultaneous operating gesture engines with automatic pulse control
  • Mobeam optical pattern generator
  • Dedicated GPIO to support external FET and IR-LED
  • ±10% ALS Lux accuracy


  • Enables independent operation of key functions for maximum software flexibility
  • Facilitates enhanced 3D gesturing
  • Printed barcode emulation for improved mobile coupon experience
  • Enables universal remote control capability
  • Generates highest accuracy color sensing