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The AZ Displays E-Catalog is an interactive hyperlinked PDF file that provides easy navigation through all of our core product offerings and the supporting development tools required to evaluate and start developing a marketable product.

Hyperlinks to datasheets, 3D CAD files, direct buy buttons, and support videos make it fast and simple to pick a display.

• Efficient way to navigate to specs
• See stock and buy immediately
• Links to peripherals to drive display
• Matrix index of all product offerings
• Continually updated
TFT LCD and Touch Options

AZ-Displays_IMG2_pg6AZ Displays offers a strong line of standard, industrial-grade TFT and touch panel options from 3.5″ to 10.4″. With sample stock readily available on all of our core products, we make it easy to start the development process without the hassle of lead times and MOQs.

• No MOQ
• Standard PCAP and resistive touch panels
• Multiple spec options for each size: Nits, Interface and Touch
• Easy to design in a display
• Able to find a display that meets project budget with the specs required

For more information, to buy products or to download the E-Catalog, click here

Universal Development Board
AZ Displays offers a universal SBC/development board capable of driving all of our 4.3″, 5.0″ and 7.0″ displays with any touch interface option (PCAP, resistive or no touch).

With no MOQ, we make it easy for engineers to develop a prototype into a fully marketable product.

• No MOQ for standard board
• Low cost solution
• Completely universal
• Resistive and PCAP touch support standard
• RGB and LVDS displays support
• Android and other Linux system support; millions of apps available
• Option to depopulate or customize to production specifications with low 500pc. MOQ

SOC1GHz ARM Cortex A7 Dual-Core
Memory1GB DDR3
Storage4GB NAND and 1 Micro SD slot
SATA2.5" support
Audio3.5mm jack
USB2 ports

AZDA20-KIT includes both the SBC board AZDA200-1GN and the interface board AZD43-5-7 for $99.00
Monochromatic Displays
We offer a large selection of character and graphic module displays with multiple BL and fluid color combinations to fit all applications.

• Low MOQ
• Competitive pricing
• Multiple spec options for each series
• Supporting programming software
Custom Glass LCD
We specialize in custom LCD glass designs smaller than 10″, with standard glass options that include: TN, STN, FSTN, negative FSTN, high contrast BTN and silk screening. We also offer complete modules with a fully customized range of backlight options.

• Lowest cost display technology
• Many size options
• Very fast tooling process