Diodes : AH3762Q, AH3765Q, AH3769Q: High Voltage Automotive Qualified Hall Effect Latch ICs

AH376xQ is a family of AECQ100 qualified high voltage low sensitivity Automotive Hall Effect latch IC designed for brushless DC motor commutation, speed measurement, angular or linear encoders and position sensors in automotive applications: AH3762Q, AH3765Q, AH3769Q

To support a wide range of demanding applications, the design has been optimized to operate over the supply range of 3.0V to 28V. With chopper stabilized architecture and an internal bandgap regulator to provide temperature compensated supply for internal circuits, the AH376xQ provides a reliable solution over the whole operating range. For robustness and protection, the device has a reverse blocking diode with a Zener clamp on the supply. The output has a current limit and a Zener clamp.

• Bipolar latch operation (south pole: on, north pole: off)
• Single open drain output with current limit
• Chopper stabilized design
• Reverse blocking diode and Zener clamp on supply
• ±25G and ±220G Bop and Brp range
• 3.0V to 28V operating voltage range
• Good RF noise immunity
• -40°C to +150°C operating temperature
• Industry standard SC59, SOT23 and SIP-3L packages