Diodes Inc. : AP3403: 600mA Step Down DC/DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier


The AP3403 is a 2.0MHz fixed frequency, current mode, PWM synchronous buck (step down) DC/DC converter, capable of driving a 600mA load with high efficiency, excellent line and load regulation.

The high efficiency is easily configured by using an inductor, resistors and capacitors as the external components. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-bycycle current limit. To support mini Li-Ion battery operation, the input voltage range is low at 2.3V to 5V, with no-load current being only 34μA.

• 2.3V to 5.5V input voltage range
• 0.7V to 5.5V output voltage range
• 600mA output current
• Fixed 2.0MHz oscillator frequency
• Hiccup mode SCP
• Built-in soft start time
• Built-in overcurrent protection
• Built-in thermal shutdown function
• Built-in UVLO function
• U-DFN1616-6 package