Infineon : TLI4970 – Miniature Magnetic Digital Current Sensor


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The TLI4970 current sensor family is ±50A (AC/DC) and up to ±1% with a digital SPI interface.

It is a highly accurate current sensor based on Infineon’s well established Hall technology. The coreless concept allows significant miniaturization compared to existing products. It is a fully digital solution, easy to use, with no need for external calibration. Additionally a separate interface pin (OCD) provides a fast output signal in case the current measured by the sensor exceeds a pre-defined threshold. The small QFN like package allows standard SMD assembly.

The TLI4970 provides superior accuracy compared to existing open or closed loop systems with magnetic cores. It has additional functionality such as overcurrent detection, zero crossing detection and programmable filters, hile simultaneously offering a significantly smaller footprint and lower consumption.

With its implemented magnetic interference suppression, it is extremely robust when exposed to external magnetic fields. It is also suitable for fast overcurrent detection with a configurable threshold level. This allows the control unit to switch off and protect the affected system from damage, independently of the main measurement path.

Digital Interface
• 3 wire SPI
• Digital OCD pin

TLI4970 Block Diagram

Product NameDescriptionPrimary Current RangePrimary Current RangeOrdering Part Number
TLI4970-D050T4 Qualified according to industrial standards; for use in industrial and consumer applications50A±1.6TLI4970D050T4XUMA1
TLI4970-D050T5Qualified according to industrial standards; for use in industrial and consumer applications50A±3.5TLI4970D050T5XUMA1
TLI4970-D025T4Qualified according to industrial standards; for use in industrial and consumer applications25A±1.6TLI4970D025T4XUMA1
TLI4970-D025T5Qualified according to industrial standards; for use in industrial and consumer applications25A±3.5TLI4970D025T5XUMA1
TLE4970-D050T4Qualified according to AEC for automotive applications50A±1.6On request
TLE4970-D025T4Qualified according to AEC for automotive applications25A±1.6On request

1 Accuracy error includes temperature and lifetime drifts


Evaluation Board TLI4970050 2 GO KIT
The Current Sensor 2 GO is a new budget-priced evaluation board equipped with a current sensor combined with an ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU. The Current Sensor 2 GO has a complete set of on-board devices, including an on-board debugger. Build your own application and gadget with the Current Sensor 2 GO.

P/N TLI49700502GOKITTOBO1 – Kit Contains:
• TLI4970-D050T4 (current sensor with digital interface)
• XMC1100 (ARM® Cortex™-M0 based)
• On-board J-Link Lite Debugger (realized with XMC4200 microcontroller)
• Power over USB (Micro USB), ESD and reverse current protection
• GUI for free download


  • AC/DC measurement range up to ±50A
  • Highly accurate over-temperature range and lifetime (max. 1.0% (0 h), 1.6% (over lifetime) of indicated value)
  • Low offset error (max. 75mA over-temperature and lifetime)
  • 16-bit digital SPI output (13-bit current value)
  • Small 7.0 x 7.0mm SMD package
  • Galvanic isolated, measurement principle
  • Coreless solution, hysteresis free
  • Inherent suppression of stray magnetic field
  • Update rate: 80kSPS
  • Galvanic isolation up to 2.5kV max. rated isolation voltage (UL1577)
  • Adjustable LP filter (≤18kHz)
  • Fast overcurrent detection (typ. 1.8μs) with configurable threshold levels
  • Suitable for industrial and consumer applications
  • Plug and play solution – no external calibration needed
  • Long term stability of output signal
  • Leadless package (QFN-like) PG-TISON-8


  • Photovoltaic and general purpose inverters
  • Power supplies (SMPS)
  • Battery chargers
  • Lighting applications
  • Electrical drives and many more