Intersil : ISL80505 and ISL80510: High Performance 500mA and 1A LDOs


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The ISL80505/10 are single output low dropout voltage regulators (LDO) capable of sourcing up to 1A output current. This LDO operates from input voltages of 1.8V to 6V for the ISL80505 and 2.2V to 6V for the ISL80510. The output voltage of ISL80505/10 can be programmed from 0.8V to 5.5V.

A submicron BiCMOS process is utilized for this product family to deliver the best in class analog performance and overall value. This CMOS LDO consumes significantly lower quiescent current as a function of load compared to bipolar LDOs, which translates into higher efficiency and packages with smaller footprints.

State-of-the-art internal compensation achieves a very fast load transient response and excellent PSRR. The ISL80505/10 provide an output accuracy of ±1.8% VOUT accuracy over all load, line and temperature variations (TJ = 40°C to +125°C). An external capacitor on the soft start pin provides an adjustable soft starting of the output voltage ramp to control the inrush current. The ENABLE feature allows the part to be placed into a low quiescent current shutdown mode.

Block Diagram for ISL80505/10Intersil_IMG20pg1

Typical Applicaton Circuit  /  PSRR for ISL80505  /  PSRR for ISL80510 Intersil_IMG3pg20Ordering Information

Part NumberPart MarkingTemp Range (0°)Package (RoHS Compliant)Input Voltage RangeMax Output Current
ISL80505IRAJZ 0505-40°C to +125°C8-Ld 3 x 3 DFN1.8V to 6V0.5A
ISL80510IRAJZ0510-40°C to +125°C8-Ld 3 x 3 DFN2.2V to 6V1.0A
ISL80510EVAL1ZEvaluation BoardEvaluation BoardEvaluation BoardEvaluation BoardEvaluation Board


  • ±1.8% VOUT accuracy guaranteed over line, load and TJ = -40°C to +125°C
  • Very low 45mV for the ISL80505 and 130mV for the ISL80510 dropout voltage at
    VOUT = 2.5V
  • Stable with a 4.7μF output ceramic capacitor
  • Very fast transient response
  • Programmable output soft start time
  • Excellent PSRR over wide frequency range
  • Current limit protection
  • Thermal shutdown function
  • Available in a 8-Ld DFN package
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


  • Noise sensitive instrumentation systems
  • Post regulation of switched mode power supplies
  • Industrial systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Telecommunications and networking equipment
  • Servers
  • Hard disk drives (HD/HDD)