Intersil : ISL80510/05: LDO Regulators Provide Best in Class Dropout and Transient Performance

The ISL80510 and ISL80505 deliver 1A and 0.5A of continuous output current and ultra-low dropout of 130mV and 45mV at full load, respectively.

The ISL80510/05 LDOs also provide better transient performance with peak-to-peak excursions up to nine times lower than competitive LDOs. This transient performance level and DC accuracy of 1.8% safeguards against voltage undershoots and overshoots to deliver clean point-of-load voltage to CPUs, DSPs and MCUs, which require tight voltage accuracy and low noise. The ISL80510/05’s compensation loop provides excellent noise filtering by maintaining a flat power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) response over a wide range of frequencies.

• ±1.8% VOUT accuracy guaranteed over line, load and TJ = -40°C to +125°C
• Stable with a 4.7μF output ceramic capacitor
• Programmable output soft start time
• Current limit protection
• Thermal shutdown function
• Very low dropout voltage
• Very fast transient response
• Excellent PSRR over wide frequency range
• Available in an 8 Ld DFN package
• 1k MSRP: $0.39 US