Micrel : MIC1344: Ultra-Small, Dual Input, 3A Power ORing Smart Switch

The MIC1344 is an advanced two input, one output, hot swappable, power multiplexer.

It has both automatic and manual input selection (ENA and ENB) and four status outputs. In automatic mode, the MIC1344 will automatically connect the higher of two input voltages (INA or INB), to the output (OUT). In manual mode, either of the two inputs can be routed to the output, or both power inputs can be turned off so that multiple MIC1344s can be used for more than two power inputs.

• Two input, one output, power ORing switch
• Automatic and manual input selection modes
• Output-to-input and input-to-input current blocking
• Up to 3A current handling
• Separate current limiting and readback for each channel
• Thermal shutdown protection
• 2.8V to 5.5V input voltage operating range
• Four digital and two analog status outputs
• 70mΩ on-resistance
• 11μA stand-by channel current
• 12-pin, 2 x 2mm, QFN (FTQFN) package
• 1k MSRP: $2.33 US