Micrel : MIC28511/12/13: High Voltage Synchronous Buck Regulator Family with FETZilla™ Technology

The MIC28511/12/13 is a family of pin-compatible high voltage (HV) synchronous step down switching regulators with integrated power switches capable of providing up to 4A (MIC28513) output current and a wide input supply range from 4.6V to 70V (12).

The MIC28511/12/13 are offered in both Hyper Speed Control™ and HyperLight Load® architectures, which allow for high VIN (low VOUT) operation and ultra-fast transient response while reducing the required output capacitance and providing very good light-load efficiency.

• Up to 60V operating input voltage supply
• Enable input and power good (PGOOD) output
• Built-in 5V regulator for single-supply operation
• Fixed 5ms soft start
• Internal compensation and thermal shutdown
• Integrated high side and low side N-channel MOSFETs
• Programmable current limit and foldback “hiccup” mode short circuit protection
• Adjustable 200kHz to 680kHz switching frequency
• Thermally enhanced 24-pin 3 x 4mm FCQFN package
• 1k MSRP: $1.42 to $1.85 US