Renesas : Revolutionize your Touch Panel Design and Operation with a Single Microcontroller!


The RX113 series of microcontrollers incorporate a patented hardware peripheral block designed to measure small variations in electrical capacitance independent of the main CPU operation.

The CTSU can be configured for self- or mutual-capacitance detection for maximum flexibility. This feature has been optimized to detect the presence of human touch typically used in many interface applications.


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Interested in evaluating a capacitive touch solution for your product? Get your capacitive touch evaluation kit: Part No: Y-RX113CAPT01


Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit :
• Hardware-assisted rejection of electrical noise and adaptation to environmental changes
• Touch detection through 10mm of acrylic in user interface panels
• Automatic tuning mechanism for optimal touch performance
• Autonomous operation to enable ultra-low power touch detection for portable devices
• Twelve touch channels supporting up to 36 touch electrodes
• PC-based GUI tool for system configuration and development

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