Renesas : RZ ARM MPUs – Innovative Architecture and Advanced Integration

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The RZ/A1 series offers enormous advantages in terms of BOM cost, performance, power consumption, and system design time, making it the right choice for HMI (Human Machine Interface) and other system-on-chip applications.

The High Resolution Embedded GUI Solution Kit (YLCDRZA1H) provides a quick and easy way to add a low-cost LCD touchscreen and communication functions to embedded designs. With the tremendous growth of LCD touchscreens in smart phones and tablets, it is only natural for other markets like industrial, medical and appliances to migrate towards similar interfaces. Multiple GUI software development options are available to jumpstart your development effort.

High Resolution Embedded GUI Solution Kit :


• RZ credit card sized plug-in module
• 4GB eMMC
• SD Card Interface
• Ethernet, RS-232/485,CAN, I2C RTC (battery back-up) Stereo audio w/dual 3W speakers and
audio line in/out
• 7.0” 1280 x 800 LCD touchscreen
• PMOD connector for expansion
• Built-in SEGGER J-Link Lite debugger
• 9V to 12V DC barrel jack w/external AC wall power adapter
• Independent USB host and device ports
• Video capture (digital)
• Digital camera (VGA color 640 x 480 array)

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