Solomon Systech : IC Solutions for Wearables – Ultra Low Power Consumption, High Performance, Cost Effective and Highly Integrated

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Solomon Systech showcases a full range of IC solutions for wearables – one of the fastest growing segments within the Internet of Things market and offers driver IC solutions for diverse wearable applications and displays with a variety of panel sizes and technologies, covering TFT, STN, OLED and E-paper.

Module makers and system customers can benefit from our high performance total solutions encompassing display driver ICs, MIPI display interface controller ICs as interface bridges, and capacitive touch panel controller ICs which offer multi-touch user experience.

LCD Driver ICs – TFT: SSD1268/STN: SSD1848

  • Ultra low power consumption
  • 8-color mode/4-grayscale mode
  • Built-in booster circuit

Capacitive Touch Panel Controllers – SSD6010

  • Mutual capacitance sensing schemes
  • Support touch button mode (strip type TP) or XY coordinate mode (square/circular TP)
  • Support both film type and glass type touch sensor
  • Display noise robustness

MIPI Display Interface Controllers – SSD2848/2805

  • Integrated frame buffer up to FHD for system power saving
  • Image rotation (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°)
  • Scaler (upscale/downscale)
  • High speed serial interface (up to 1Gbps/lane)
  • Support 16/18/24-bpp display for MCU and RGB interfaces

E-paper Driver ICs – SSD1623/1627/1629/1607/1673/1608/1618

  • No power needed (stand-by mode)
  • High image contrast
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Support bendable displays

OLED Driver ICs – SSD1306B/1316/1317/1327/1353/1360/1362

  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Support super bright display (suitable for outdoor applications)
  • Support bendable displays


  • Smart watches
  • Health and fitness devices