Susumu : Precision and Reliable Ultimate Thin Film Chip Resistor!

Established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1964, Susumu has been the industrial leader in thin film resistors for over 40 years, enjoying the largest share of the thin film resistor market in the world. Our latest innovation is the ultimate thin film chip resistor, RG series, that far exceeds even thick film resistor reliability, reaching 0.01fit (=10 parts per trillion!).

RG SeriesRG SeriesRR SeriesRR Series
Moisture Load LifeTHB: 85°C-85% 1000 hours±0.1%40°C-95% 1000 hours±0.5%
Load Life85°C (rated power) 1000 hours±0.1%70°C (rated power) 1000 hours±0.5%
High Temperature Exposure155°C (no load) 1000 hours±0.1%125°C (no load) 1000 hours±0.5%
High Temperature ExposureOperation at 125°C is possible (derating is needed)Operation at 125°C is not possible


  • Absolute resistive tolerance as low as ±0.02%, and TCR, 5ppm
  • Operating temp. up to +155˚C
  • 85/85: drift <±0.1%, 2000 hours
  • Temp. cycle: drift <±0.1%, -55˚C/+125˚C 1000 cycles
  • High temp. exposure: drift <±0.1%, 1000 hours, +155˚C
  • Load life test: drift<±0.1%, at +85˚C (2000 hours)
  • Offering in sizes: 0402 to 1206
  • E-24, E-96 series, 10Ω to 1MΩ
  • Excellent high frequency characteristics and low noise


  • Power supply
  • Medical
  • Military/aerospace/aviation
  • Automotive
  • Automation/production equipment
  • Measurement/testing