Cambridge CMOS Sensors – CCS811: Ultra Low Power Digital Gas Sensor for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


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The CCS811 is an ultra low power digital gas sensor solution which integrates an industry leading gas sensor solution, with a microcontroller unit (MCU), an Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) to monitor the local environment, and provides an indoor air quality indication over a standard digital interface.


  • Integrated MCU
  • On-board processing
  • Standard digital interface
  • Optimized low power modes
  • 2.7 x 4.0mm LGA package
  • Low component count
  • Proven technology platform


  • Wearables
  • Smarthome devices
  • HVAC control
  • Portable accessories
  • Smartphones
  • Connected devices


  • Managing the sensor drive modes and measurements while detecting VOCs
  • Provides indication of IAQ levels with no host intervention
  • Simplifies development for faster time to market
  • Extend battery life in portable applications
  • Small form-factor designs
  • Saves up to 60% in PCB footprint
  • Designed for high volume and reliability (>5 year lifetime)