Diodes Inc. – AP3127/3127H: Cost Effective PWM Controllers Optimized for Quick-Charge Applications

Power Regulation, Conversion and Management
The AP3127H is a current mode PWM controller which is optimized for high performance, low stand-by power and cost effective offline flyback converters. The PWM switching frequency at normal operation is internally fixed (about 65kHz for AP3127 and 100kHz for AP3127H). In middle load, the IC will enter green mode to improve system efficiency with the help of frequency foldback. A minimum switching frequency (about 20kHz) is set to avoid the audible noise. In no load or light-load, the IC will enter the burst mode to minimize stand-by power. Furthermore, the frequency dithering function is built-in to reduce EMI emission.


  • Low start-up current
  • Internal slope compensation
  • Frequency foldback for high average efficiency
  • Soft switching for reducing EMI
  • Over-voltage protection (VOVP)
  • Secondary side OVP (SOVP) and UVP
  • Non-audible-noise green mode control
  • Soft start during start-up process
  • Secondary winding short protection with FOCP
  • VCC maintain mode
  • Overload protection (OLP)
  • SOT26 package