Infineon – The 600V CoolMOS™ P6 Power MOSFET : Optimized Power MOSFETs Merging High Energy Efficiency with Ease of Use

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The new 600V CoolMOS™ P6 Power MOSFET is Infineon’s seventh generation of high voltage Power MOSFETs designed according to the revolutionary super junction (SJ) principle.

The new CoolMOS P6 series combines our experience as the leading SJ MOSFET supplier with innovation focusing on high efficiency solutions. The resulting CoolMOS P6 technology is tailored to provide high performance in hard- and soft-switching topologies (e.g. PFC, LLC) while not sacrificing the ease of use. CoolMOS P6 achieves extremely low conduction and switching losses especially in light-load condition enabling switching applications to work more efficiently and be designed more compact, lighter and cooler. Moreover, with its granular portfolio, CoolMOS P6 can address the specific needs of applications such as server, PC power, telecom rectifiers and consumer applications, while additionally offering the best price/performance ratio on the market today.

CoolMOS P6 offers a 30% QG reduction in comparison to CoolMOS E6, which mainly comes from the reduction of the plateau charge. It also allows a very fast switching for turn on and turn off. The driver circuit current capability for CoolMOS P6 is reduced over the whole RDS(ON) range.

The VGS peak is measured in a typical PFC stage with 5Ω RG,ext and exhibiting 7.2pF capacitive coupling between gate and drain emulating the parasitic capacitance of the PCB. In the measurement, CoolMOS P6 shows very good gate switching waveform with reduced QG and internal RG. The slight increase in magnitude of oscillations in CoolMOS P6 over CoolMOS E6 is expected due to its faster switching characteristic.

RDS(ON) [mΩ]



TO-220 FullPAk


TO-247 4PIN

ThinPAK 8 x 8

ThinPAK 5 x 6



  • Reduced gate charge (QG)
  • Optimized Vth for soft switching
  • Good body diode ruggedness
  • Optimized integrated RG
  • Improved dv/dt


  • PFC and PWM (TTF, LLC) stages for server
  • Telecom rectifier
  • PC power
  • Gaming consoles
  • Solar


  • Improved efficiency especially in light-load condition
  • Better efficiency in soft switching applications due to earlier turn-off
  • Suitable for hard and soft switching topologies
  • Optimized balance of robustness, ease of use and good controllability of switching behavior
  • Outstanding quality and reliability


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