Microchip – UCS2112: Dual-Channel USB Port Power Controller

The UCS2112 is a power controller supports two ports, with eight programmable continuous current limits for each port, ranging from 0.53A to 3.0A for faster charging times at higher currents. Features for protecting and increasing overall system uptime also include integrated current monitoring, precision current limiting, charge rationing and dynamic thermal management. The UCS2112’s integrated current monitor eliminates the need for an external sense resistor and enables an “attach detect” signal that does not rely on the main power to be active for hosts that are off or sleeping.


  • 3.0A continuous current per VBUS port
  • Independent port power switch enable pins
  • Constant current or trip mode current limiting behaviors
  • Auto-recovery fault handling with low test current
  • Fully programmable per-port charge rationing and behaviors
  • USB-IF BC1.2 compliance
  • 40mΩ on-resistance per switch
  • Dual fault ALERT# active drain output pins
  • Under-voltage, over-voltage lockout, back-drive, back-voltage protection
  • SMBus 2.0/I2C™ mode
  • 4 x 4mm 20-pin QFN
  • 5k MSRP: $1.80 US