VARTA – Project Management Framework: Design of Customized Battery Solutions


Engineering your optimal high tech product begins with selecting your power solution partner and establishing the project management framework. From design-in phase through to pack production, working with experts in their fields will control spending, save time and improve project results. VARTA’s project managers and engineering teams determine precisely which processes are needed, and which are not, to tailor and streamline your path to success.

Determining the perfect battery solution for an application often requires the input from electronic, mechanical, production and regulatory technicians. We gather and analyze specific information to determine the demand of the battery – the operating environment, the duration of extreme conditions, accurate load and duty-cycle information and charge and discharge cycles. The design process based on these factors ensures product safety, longer battery life and success of the application.

When COTS batteries are not ideal, VARTA offers semi-custom and custom battery design. VARTA management requires its team to define the business value of each project in measurable terms prior to planning. This assures cross-team (VARTA and customer) alignment guaranteeing that you, the customer, have a voice throughout the process. You get access to dedicated engineers and managers experienced in every aspect of battery design, construction, certification and implementation.

VARTA recognizes the responsibility to deliver the best battery on-time and on-budget. By ensuring our customers faster time to market and optimal device performance, we simplify your decision to work with us on your new project.

VARTA management requires its team to define the business value of each project in measurable terms prior to planning.

VARTA Microbattery Inc. has global reach and a history of best-in-class performance. In partnering with Future Electronics, we design success in the world of technology. Future Electronics is the solutions provider and VARTA is a key partner in providing engineering and manufacturing expertise in customized battery solutions.

For many portable applications and for those where reliable power backup is critical, the choice of the right battery or power pack solution is essential. For some projects, an off-the-shelf product is sufficient, but in many cases, particular attention needs to be paid to a variety of considerations when developing the optimal power specification leading to a customized battery solution. At Future, we’ve partnered with VARTA Microbattery as one of our key suppliers with full design-in engineering support to help our customers find these solutions,” said Jodie Metsos, Corporate Vice President for Future Electronics.

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