Vishay – VOM160 / VO2223A : Make Appliances Smarter with Opto-Isolation

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Even the humble coffee maker now has sophisticated microprocessor-based power control features. This requires the control of AC power using sensitive digital devices on the same board. Vishay’s phototriacs are particularly useful in isolating these devices from noisy and dangerous line voltages.

Vishay’s VOM160 comes in an extremely small footprint of just 5 x 5mm, while offering an outstanding safety isolation test voltage of 3750VRMS. With a mere 0.4pF of coupling capacitance from input to output, it provides outstanding noise isolation. This is a critical feature for controlling high line voltages with sensitive microcontrollers, while a VO2223A, in a slightly larger footprint, offers considerably higher load current.



  • Small footprint
  • Low trigger current
  • Solid state reliability
  • High voltage and high current packages


  • Coffee maker heater controls
  • AC driven pump motor controls
  • Dishwasher motor and heater controls
  • Washing machine controls
  • Electric stove tops
  • Countertop hot cooking appliances