Diodes Inc. – AL1696: Cost-Effective Dimmable LED Driver With Wide Triac Compatibility

Power Regulation, Conversion and Management

The AL1696 is a highly integrated high power factor constant current converter for mains dimmable LED driver applications. The AL1696 is based on buck or buck-boost topology and operating in boundary conduction mode (BCM) to ease in EMI/EMC qualification and testing to meet the latest regulatory standards. The design only requires a single winding inductor and achieves a tight current sense tolerance of ±3%. The device features a low operating current of 120μA, with a 150μA start-up current, and is compatible with a wide range of leadingedge and trailing-edge dimmers, providing compliance with the NEMA SSL6 dimming curve.

• Internal MOSFET up to 300V/3A, 500V/2A, 600V/2A
• 150µA start-up current
• 120µA operation current
• Under voltage lockout (UVLO)
• Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection (OCP)
• Over-temperature protection (OTP)
• ±3% current sense tolerance
• Single winding inductor
• Wide range of dimmer compatibility
• Leading-edge blanking (LEB)
• Output short protection (OSP)
• SO-7 package