Infineon – 2EDN7524: Dual-Channel 5A, High Speed, Low Side Gate Driver

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Power Regulation, Conversion and Management

2EDN7524 is a fast dual-channel 5A gate driver optimized for driving both Standard and Super-junction MOSFETs, as well as GaN power switching devices. The input signals are low voltage TTL and 3.3V CMOS-compatible with a very broad voltage handling capability of up to +20V and down to -10VDC. The unique ability to handle -10VDC at the input pins protects the device against ground bouncing. Each of the two outputs is able to sink and source a 5A current utilizing a true rail-to-rail output stage, which ensures very low impedances of 0.7Ω up to the positive and 0.55Ω down to the negative rail respectively.

• 5A peak source/sink current
• • 19 ns (typ.) propagation delay
• Outputs robust against reverse current
• • 5ns (typ.) rise/fall times
• 8V UVLO option
• -10V control and enable input robustness
• 2 independent channels
• Industry standard pin-out and packages