Littelfuse – XTREME-GUARD™ ESD Suppressors Reduce Power Consumption and Ensure Data Integrity

Safeguard sensitive devices with 30kV contact/air ESD withstand rating while maintaining signal integrity for data rates up to 5.0GHz.

The XGD Series XTREME-GUARD ESD Suppressor, available in 0402- and 0603-sized, flat-topped surface mount packages, protects sensitive electronics against electrostatic discharges as high as 30kV and is suitable for high voltage applications up to 32VDC. When correctly integrated into a circuit design, the XGD Series can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes nearly four times the maximum level specified in the IEC61000-4-2 international standard without performance degradation. Even after multiple ESD strikes, it exhibits ultra-low leakage current (<1nA), ensuring minimal power losses, so it’s well-suited for protecting battery-powered electronics like wearables.


  • High ESD withstand rating: 30kV contact/air discharge
  • High voltage rating: 24VDC for XGD10402, 32VDC for XGD10603
  • Low (<1nA) leakage current
  • Ultra-low capacitance: 0.04pF for XGD10402, 0.09pF for XGD10603
  • Flat top, surface mount form factor


  • Greater level of ESD protection and design flexibility for enclosure, button and touchscreen
  • Wider voltage range for a broader variety of electronic devices
  • Lower power consumption, ideal for battery powered devices, such as wearable devices and energy-efficient devices
  • Ideal for high frequency and high speed data, video, antenna and I/O circuits
  • Facilitates pick-and-place assembly and enables more compact circuit board designs