Melexis – MLX92292: Micro-Power Programmable and ASIL B Capable Hall Effect Switch/Latch


The MLX92292 delivers switch and latch functions, but unlike existing products on the market it can determine the presence of magnetic fields that are lateral, not just orthogonal, to the device. It supports ASIL B safety integrity level (in accordance with ISO 26262), with an array of built-in diagnostic mechanisms available. The MLX92292 is available in pre-programmed units or endof-line (EoL) programmed device that is configured (via its output pin) during the OEM production process, so system optimization is fully realized.

• Programmable permanent magnet temperature coefficient
• Programmable output function – direct or inverted
• Programmable diagnostic period in fail safe state
• Unique identification number (ID) for device traceability
• Under-voltage lockout
• Reverse supply voltage protection and thermal protection
• Programmable switch or latch sensor function
• Programmable operating period
• Integrated self-diagnostic functions
• 40V load dump
• High ESD rating
• TSOT-3L and TO92-3L packages