NXP’s NFC Smart Connected Home

Our expecations and need to be connected is augmented every day, especially in our homes. Our entertainment systems, lights, thermostats, and even appliances are being connected to the internet.
The Internet of Things (IoT), which is the term used to define to the network of connected devices, enhances our experience and simplifies the management of our home environment. NFC can be used to make smarter applicances, for example, tapping a frozen dinner and having the microwave adjust for the ideal settings for best results. NFC can also be used to extend displays. Where space or cost concerns may limit your display, NFC can essentially ‘add’ a display by way of a smartphone or a tablet.

Why NFC for the Connected Home?
NFC is important for many reasons:
• Simplicity: Connecting devices to the home network by just a simple tap, no complicated passwords or product codes.
• Security: Where some wireless technologies have to travel a long range, essentially a ‘shout’, NFC is a whisper, using proximity of under 10cm. Eavesdropping is nearly impossible. NFC speaks with intention.
• Power Savings: Peer to peer mode can be passive with only one device active and drawing power. Working in passive mode results in a reduced power consumption.

10 years ago, NXP co-invented NFC technology and co-founded the NFC Forum, the standards based organization that includes more than 170 member companies. NXP is the NFC market leader, and has shipped
hundreds of millions of units, accounting for more than 80% of all NFC enabled point of sale (POS) terminals and more than 90% of all NFC enabled smartphones. NXP has the most extensive NFC portfolio and is the most trusted name in NFC technology.

NXP’s deep portfolio of NFC products includes NFC frontend, controllers and connected tags.

NXP provides highly integrated RFID reader modules which combine the functionality of discrete ICs while simplifying development. The PRH601 and PR601 implement an LPC1227 Cortex M0, and a CLRC663 contactless reader IC while the PRH601 adds the HTRC110 HITAG Reader IC. Both modules comply with ISO/IEC14443A&B, ISO/IEC15693 and FeliCa and are available in LQFP100 package.

NXP’s NTAG family fully complies to NFC Form Tag specs, ensuring universal interoperability with NFC devices. Additionally NXP NTAG is based on ISO 14443A standard, allowing easy integration into existing infrastructures using MIFARE and SmartMX. NXP NTAG I2C offers contact and contactless interfaces. The IC communicates quickly and easily with a microcontroller and memory. The NTAG I2C also can supply power to external devices such as the micro via embedded energy harvesting circuitry. The NTAG21xF features best in class RF performance, a large range of memory sizes, as well as field detection and SLEEP mode in a small footprint. This makes it particularly well suited for smart media and mass market applications.

NXP NFC Featured Products
PRH601/PR601HL: High performance NFC integrated reader solution
CLRC66302HN: High performance NFC reader solution
NTAG213F/216F: NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144/504/888 bytes user memory

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