ON Semiconductor – High Performance Sub-1 GHz Radio Devices

ON Semiconductor’s Sub-1 GHz product family provides an easy entry to high performance wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).

ON Semiconductor Sub-1 GHz RF products are designed to provide maximum performance and minimum power consumption for every major wireless sub-1 GHz standard. These solutions combine high performance RF and baseband components, ultra low power microcontroller technology and support for high performance firmware stacks on one chip.

The AX5043 radio transceiver is the leading sub-1 GHz transceiver for data rates ranging from 0.1kbps to 125kbps, covering Sigfox, KNX, Wireless M-Bus, and EnOcean standards. Also available is the AX5051 radio transceiver, supporting the high data rates required for 802.15.4, ZigBee, and 6LowPAN.

The AX8052F1xx family combines the superb performance of ON Semiconductor wireless transceivers and an ultra low power microcontroller core with 64kB Flash, 8.25kB RAM, and sleep current consumption of 500nA to 1500nA.

ON Semiconductor high performance radio products are a driving force behind the IoT infrastructure, enabling users quick and easy access to Sigfox, POCSAG, and FLEX networks. The ready-to-use devices AX-SFEU, AX-SFUS, AX-WMEU, and AX-EOEU are pre-programmed for the chosen standard and come with an AT user interface.

To simplify the entry into wireless solutions, ON Semiconductor provides modules and a comprehensive suite of development kits with supporting application generator software.


  • 27MHz to 1050MHz carrier frequency range
  • 6.5mA to 11mA receive current
  • ASK, FSK, PSK, AM, FM, AFSK, MSK, OQPSK modulations supported
  • Shaping for all modulation (GFSK, GMSK, shaped ASK and PSK)
  • RF transceiver, RF MCU, RF modules


  • Sigfox, POCSAG, FLEX IoT applications
  • EnOcean, Wireless KNX, Wireless M-Bus
  • ZigBee, 6LowPAN system (with AX5051)
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Home building automation, IoT and security


  • AXRadioLAB application generator
  • AXcode Blocks IDE
  • DVK-BASE-2-GEVK development kit
  • F143-MINI-GEVK development kit
  • AX-SIGFOX-GEVK development kit