Renesas – RL78/G1D Intelligent Bluetooth® Smart MCUs


Low-power RL78 Microcontroller and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology increase battery life and accelerate Bluetooth connected device development

Outstanding Tx/Rx Power Efficiency

State-of-the-art radio technology enables reliable communications with low current consumption.

Efficient Connection Technology

RL78/G1D MCUs prioritize current consumption at near distances or communication range at far distances.

Simplified RF Design

High level of integration simplifies RF design and reduces BOM count.


  • Bluetooth Smart v4.1 connectivity supported in embedded and modem modes
  • Peak Tx current of 4.3 mA and peak Rx current of 3.5 mA
  • ‘RF Adaptable Technology’ automatically optimizes power consumption versus communication range
  • High integration minimizes BOM cost; Balun, on-chip 32 KHz oscillator
  • Industry-leading support tools shorten time to market
  • BT SIG qualified stack plus documented test procedure facilitate radio certification
  • Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) capability enables convenient application upgrades in the field


Module Reference Designs

Tx Output Power: 0dBm & 20dBm


Commercial Modules from Gainspan

• GS780MIZ
• GS780MEZ


  • Firmware Over The Air update (FOTA)
  • Virtual UART
  • iOS and Android demo apps
  • Beacon stack
  • BT Developer Studio plug-in
  • TCP/IP stack


Evaluation Kit – To evaluate today, get your Bluetooth Low Energy Kit:

P/N: RTK0EN0001D01001BZ


Evaluation PC GUI


The RL78/G1D Group

Pin CountPackageFields of ApplicationOrdering Part NumberCode Flash MemoryData Flash MemoryRAM
48 pinsPlastic WQFN (6x6 mm)ConsumerR5F11AGGANB128 KB8 KB12 KB
48 pinsPlastic WQFN (6x6 mm)IndustrialR5F11AGGDNB128 KB8 KB12 KB
48 pinsPlastic WQFN (6x6 mm)ConsumerR5F11AGHANB192 KB8 KB16 KB
48 pinsPlastic WQFN (6x6 mm)IndustrialR5F11AGHDNB192 KB8 KB16 KB
48 pinsPlastic WQFN (6x6 mm)ConsumerR5F11AGJANB256 KB8 KB20 KB
48 pinsPlastic WQFN (6x6 mm)IndustrialR5F11AGJDNB256 KB8 KB20 KB

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