STMicroelectronics – ST Solutions for IoT Sensor Objects

Bluemicrosystem3 is a platform based on the STM32 open development environment that lowers the barrier for developers, allowing fast, affordable prototyping with development continuity to final devices. It allows the developers to address complete middleware for applications with temperature and humidity sensors, pressure and motion sensors, real-time motion sensor data fusion, activity recognition, carry position, and free fall detection, all with very low power Bluetooth low energy (BlueNRG) connectivity.

The user experience is enhanched by
• Bluetooth smart apps and SDKs available both for Android and iOS
• NFC provisioning for the Bluetooth smart app
With an out of the box experience, the Bluemicrosystem3 Bluetooth Smart sensor node is the perfect solution for IoT connected nodes.

SPWF01S for Wi-Fi sensor nodes and Wi-Fi hubs
• The SPWF01S is a “cloud compatible” Wi-Fi module embedding all the FW e.g. TLS/SSL security, rest API, to easily connect sensors and actuators to remote cloud services
• Available in a small form factor (26.92 x 15.24 x 2.35mm) both with and without antenna
• Easy interface to host microcontroller through UART and AT commands set
• System modes: MiniAP, IBSS and station
• Built-in application: sockets, web server, rest API
• Over the air firmware and external flash update
• Easy configuration (SSID, PWD) in MiniAP
X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 expansion board for full STM32 ODE support

The SPWF01S represents the perfect solution to get a sensor nodes network securely connected to a cloud service provider, allowing remote acces to the nodes.