Yageo – Resistor Products for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

Current applications of IoT include healthcare systems, buildings and home automation, as well as transportation. As the wearable market expands, Yageo provides high reliability for current sensors and high precision in thin film resistors to meet this increasing need.

PE and PA current sensors offer accurate direct current measurement while protecting the circuit from excessive current.

RT and AT thin film resistors feature high precision RT with superior TCR (down to ±5ppm/°C) and enhanced stability that is ideal for audio, telecommunications, medical and industrial test & measurement equipment.

FEATURES : Current Sensors (PA/PE series)

  • Case size: 2512 (PA), 0201 to 2512 (PE)
  • Low TCR, automotive grade metal current sensors

The PA series, with high power, is used mostly in power, networking and automotive applications. The PE series is used mostly in smartphones, tablets, battery-power and LED lighting applications.

FEATURES : Thin Film Resistors (RT/AT series)

  • Case size: 0201 to 2512 (RT), 0402 to 1206 (AT)
  • High precision and high stability
  • Superior resistance against sulfur-containing environment
  • AEC-Q200 compliant (AT)
  • Low TCR, low electrical noise


  • The RT series is often used in smart meters, intelligent homes and inverters. The AT series can be found in automotive and general industrial applications.