Zilog – Introducing ZNEO32!


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Zilog’s Line of 32-bit Cortex-M3 based Programmable Motor Controllers
ZNEO32! uses high performance 32-bit computing, 3-phase PWM generators, and high speed ADC units to provide an effective, low cost system solution for motor applications.

Part NumberCoreFlashSRAMMax. Freq.ADC - Resolu onADC - SpeedTIMERSUARTSPII2CMPWMADCI/O PortsPkg.
Z32F06410AESCortex-M364KB8KB48MHz12-bit x 2-unit1.5MS/s6-16bit21112-unit 11 ch4448 LQFP
Z32F06410AKSCortex-M364KB8KB48MHz12-bit x 2-unit1.5MS/s6-16bit21112-unit 8 ch2832 LQFP
Z32F12811ARSCortex-M3128KB12KB72MHz12-bit x 3-unit1.5MS/s6-16bit22223-unit 16 ch4864 LQFP
Z32F12811ATSCortex-M3128KB12KB72MHz12-bit x 3-unit1.5MS/s6-16bit42223-unit 16 ch6480 LQFP
Z32F38412ALSCortex-M3384KB16KB72MHz12-bit x 2-unit1.5MS/s10-16bit + FRT42222-unit 16 ch86100 LQFP
Z32F38412ATSCortex-M3384KB16KB72MHz12-bit x 2-unit1.5MS/s10-16bit + FRT42222-unit 16 ch6480 LQFP

ZNEO32! Evaluaon Kits
Z32F0640100KITGZNEO32! 64K Evaluation Kit
Z32F1280100KITGZNEO32! 128K Evaluation Kit



  • High performance lowpower CortexM3 core
  • 64KB, 128KB, or 384KB code flash
  • Memory with cache function
  • 8KB, 12KB, or 24KB SRAM
  • 3Phase PWM with ADC triggering function (12 channels)
  • 1.5Msps high speed ADC with sequential conversion function
  • Watchdog Timer
  • External communication ports/li>
  • Six general purpose timers
  • Industrial grade operating temperature (-40°C ~ +85°C)


  • BLDC/PMSM motors
  • Outdoor air conditioners
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators