Diodes Inc. : AP65352/353 – 3A Adaptive COT Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converters

Power Regulation, Conversion and Management

The AP65352/353 is an adaptive, constant on-time mode synchronous buck converter providing high efficiency, excellent transient response and high DC output accuracy for low voltage regulation.

The constant on-time control scheme handles wide input/output voltage ratios and provides low external component count. The internal proprietary circuit enables the device to adopt both low equivalent series resistance (ESR) output capacitors, such as SP-CAP or POSCAP and ultra-low ESR ceramic capacitors.


  • Fixed frequency emulated constant on-time control
  • Good stability independent of the output capacitor ESR
  • Built-in overcurrent limit
  • Built-in over-voltage protection
  • Built-in thermal shutdown protection
  • 4.5V to 18V input voltage range
  • 0.76V to 6V output voltage range
  • 3A continuous output current
  • 650kHz switching frequency
  • Programmable soft start