Orion Fans : Fans Built for Harsh Environments

Orion Fans harsh environment AC fans, DC fans, filter fan kits and accessories are designed and tested to perform in the toughest conditions and protect against dust, moisture, salt fog, salt spray, temperature changes, and humidity. Available with IP55 ratings, salt fog IP55 ratings, and all-metal versions, you’ll find the right harsh environment fan for your application.

IP55-rated fans can withstand water jets sprayed from all directions.

Salt-fog IP55-rated fans meet the International Standards on Salt Spray Tests, GR487, ASTM-B-117 and ISO 9227.

All-metal AC fans are resistant to high temperatures and corrosive compounds, which enables longer L10 life spans of up to 65,000 hours.

With the industry’s shortest lead times, Orion rugged fans can be quickly integrated into your design.

FeaturesSizeAirflow (CFM)
IP55-rated fans120mm - 280mm51 - 1130
Salt-fog IP55-rated fans120mm - 254mm53 - 283
All-metal AC fans80mm - 280mm18 - 1130