Renesas : RZ/T1 Real-Time Motion Control Processor


Motion in Real-Time
The integration of a high performance processor, industrial networking support, and built-in encoder interface reduces cost and time to market.

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Single-chip Solution for Precise Motor and Servo Control
Engineers designing industrial systems from advanced robotics, automated machines, and motion systems require real-time deterministic operation, high computational performance, as well as network connectivity. These enable overall system improvement while reducing operational costs and saving energy.

The RZ/T1 processor addresses these needs by combining the processing power and real-time architecture to manage tighter control loops, network connectivity to support the latest industrial communication protocols, and hardware integrated high-speed encoder interfaces, all to effectively function as a servo solution on a single chip.

Built around the ARM® Cortex®-R4F core running at up to 600 MHz with double precision floating-point arithmetic, the Renesas RZ/T1 processors readily handle complex control algorithms. Tightly coupled memory (TCM) allows definitive real-time response processing. The CPU gets high-speed access to code and data without passing through cache memory.


  • ARM Cortex R4F CPU with Tightly Coupled Memory for real-time performance
  • Single/double precision floating point improves control loop arithmetic and reduces memory footprint
  • Renesas R-IN Engine supports multiple industrial protocols such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and more
  • Embedded encoder interface supports both incremental and absolute encoders



Cacheless operation with Tightly Coupled Memory improves control loop efficiency by significantly reducing interrupt service routine jitter.

Deterministic Performance
According to the industry-standard benchmark CoreMark® tests for embedded systems as defined by EEMBC, the RZ/T1 architecture has a CoreMark score of over 1,900 – at least 30% higher than other real-time MPUs targeted for motion control.

Additionally, the RZ/T1 achieves exceptionally low jitter that makes control loops more deterministic and reduces interrupt-handling cycles. Test data shows that jitter is reduced by more than 50%, and task switching is up to 3x faster.



Networking and Servo Drive Capabilities
Industrial automation designs are increasingly implementing network connectivity via deterministic, open-standard networks such as EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET. Traditionally, this functionality has mandated a separate ASIC with dedicated communication functionality. RZ/T1 processors support these leading industrial Ethernet protocols within the same platform.

The Renesas chips also integrate high-speed analog and multiple encoder interfaces capable of handling a wide range of digital encoders, including incremental encoders. The devices also accommodate absolute encoders such as EnDAT and BiSS.

By eliminating the need for external FPGAs or ASICs, RZ/T1 processors significantly reduce component count, board size and system cost.


System Development Solution Kit
To speed up application designs and shorten time to market, Renesas offers the RZ/T1 Solution Kit—a complete HW/SW development solution that supports up to two servomotors in a single platform.

The kit includes an RZ/T1 CPU card and a dual-channel low-voltage inverter with connections for supporting incremental and absolute encoders. The robust inverter has built-in isolation with current-limiting circuits and over-current protection. A very flexible intelligent Motion Utility Tool automatically determines motor wiring and phasing. All it takes to start a motor spinning are a few clicks of a mouse! To aid customization, algorithms are written in source code.


Motion Control tool (library)

  • Multi-axis support
  • Position/rev setting
  • Windings mapping
  • Phase modes
  • Kp, Ki, Kd tuning
  • FF velocity/acceleration
  • Motor commutation profile
  • Motion scope in real time
  • Channel-selectable zoom-in

Algorithms in source code

  • Current control loop
  • Position loop and feedback
  • Position capture
  • Space Vector Modulation (SVM)
  • Velocity profile generator
  • And more…


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