Schurter : Looking for New Illumination Possibilities in One Switch?

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Metal Line Switches with Multicolor Illumination and Variable Input Voltage

SCHURTER’s PSE, piezo metal switch and MCS 30, mechanical metal switch series, powered by variable input voltages, offer new illumination possibilities. Through the use of RGB color technology, it’s now possible to indicate up to seven illumination color options with just one switch. The variable power supply offers a homogenous and brilliant illumination within a voltage range of 5VDC to 28VDC.

The new multicolor illumination of the PSE and MCS 30 series is made easy using convenient color-coded wires in each of the illumination colors. Each color is given a specific voltage between 5VDC to 28VDC. The constant brightness intensity is maintained regardless of applied voltage. The standard version is offered in red, green, and blue. Additional color options include yellow, cyan, magenta and white, which can be made through additive color mixing. As soon as the 2 or 3 wires are supplied with the applied voltage at the same time, the result is a mixed color. The traffic light colors of red, green and yellow (RGY) for status indication are also available as a standard version.

The new RGB multicolor illumination option greatly expands the application range of the PSE and MCS 30 button style switches. The PSE is available in 22/24/27/30mm diameters; the MCS 30 is available with a 30mm diameter. The PSE has an IP69K ingress protection rating. It has no moving actuator and is thus absolutely impervious to any leaks or accumulation of dirt underneath or around the switch surface. This technology is ideal for hygiene-related applications such as medical equipment, food processing equipment and outdoor applications subject to vandalism such as ticketing machines.

The MCS 30 is an alternative to the highly robust, solid state PSE. It is also designed for demanding applications, although it uses a tactile switch that provides a clear haptic feedback.


  • Variable input voltage from 5VDC to 28VDC
  • Multicolor illumination with 7 different colors


  • Medical equipment
  • Harsh environments/public applications
  • Food processing equipment