Fraen – Multi-TIR Nested Lens for COB LEDs

Fraen’s patent pending low profile, multi-TIR nested Lens™ technology delivers narrow beam lighting when used with a variety of chip-on-board (COB) and domeless LEDs. The compact design produces a highly efficient well-collimated beam, which cannot be achieved with current optical solutions such as standard TIR collimators and reflectors.


  • Full control of the COB LED radiation pattern to put what would otherwise be spilled/wasted light into the center beam
  • Reduced off-axis glare
  • Reduced overall optic height minimizes luminaire thickness, creating more space for driver electronics and heat sink volume.


  • PAR 20 and 38 bulbs
  • Downlights
  • Task lights
  • Tracklights

  • Architectural lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • General lighting
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Retail lighting


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