Harting – har-flex® Connectors and har-flexicon® Terminal Blocks Offer Even More Flexibility in Device Design

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HARTING develops board-to-board connectors for economical assembly of electronic devices and equipment, and offers the most comprehensive range of highly versatile connectors and PCB terminal blocks complemented by many styles of shell housings for a complete interconnection and interface system.

Regardless of your device configuration, HARTING always has an ideal board-to-board connector with maximum packing density and optimal performance with regard to signal transmission and integrity.

The har-flex product family is a general-purpose PCB connector series based on a 1.27mm grid with SMT termination technology.

The har-flexicon product family has been designed for the toolless connection of single wires and the SMT/SMC reflow soldering process. har-flexicon ensures an efficient processing for both the device production and the device installation.

FEATURES – har-flex

  • Robust design (solder hold-downs)
  • Wide range of pin counts available (all even numbers from 6 to 100)
  • 4 stacking heights from 8mm to 13.8mm
  • SMT termination for reflow solder process
  • Pick-and-place pads for automatic assembly
  • Tape and reel packaging for pick-and-place machines
  • Secure solder connection (coplanarity of termination pins
  • Flexible tolerances of PCB distance due to a wiping length of 1.5mm
  • MSL 1

FEATURES – har-flexicon

  • Rapid, toolless connection of single wires with Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC), push-in-spring-cage connection and screw connection up to 2.5mm2
  • Low processing costs with automatic mount (SMT) and reflow soldering process
  • High level of rigidity on the PCB with side, large-area SMT fixings (1.27mm and 2.54mm)
  • High packaging density in pitches 1.27mm and 2.54mm
  • PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors in 1.27mm, 2.54mm, 3.50/3.81mm and 5.00/5.08mm pitch


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