Infineon – .dp Digital Power 2.0™ for Energy Efficient LEDs (ICL8105)

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Every fifth kilowatt hour of electricity around the world is used for artificial light. LED technology, however, is making significant savings possible. But how can we make introducing the technology easier for industry and end users? With .dp digital power 2.0 – Infineon has developed a digital platform for power supply with which the LED lighting systems can be controlled intelligently, thus making maximum energy savings possible.

The step into the digital world with all its advantages is made possible by digital controllers and a special software that the manufacturers of lighting systems can use to configure individual parameters according to their requirements. In addition, the digital approach makes innovations possible that can’t be realized using analog components.

TypeDescriptionPart Number
ICL8105Digital flyback controller ICSP001415554
EVALLEDICL8105E1Evaluation system 20W to 80WSP001296074
EVALLEDICL8105F2Demo board 40WSP001296076
IF-BOARD.DP-GEN2Interface board to PCSP001260696
.dp Vision GUIGraphical user interface to configure parameters via PCdpVision_2.0.7.0.msi
ILD2111Digital DC/DC buck controller ICSP001415548
EVALLEDILD2111E1Evaluation board ILD2111 output current from 250mA to 800mASP001296080

Operating SystemWindows XP 32-bit/64-bit; Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit; Windows 8 32-bit/64-bit
CPUIntel Celeron 1.1GB
GraphicsIntegrated graphics card

ICL8105 Digital Flyback Controller IC for LED Driver
The ICL8105 is a digitally configurable flyback controller with Power Factor Correction (PFC) for constant power LED drivers from 10W to 80W. Thanks to the high level of integration and the control on the primary side, only a few external components are required. This allows for a cost reduction of up to 10%. The controller has powerful algorithms and supports multiple operating modes. Advantages are a high efficiency and power factor correction plus low distortion. This produces a high quality of light with no flickering. The controller has an input for 0V to 10V dimming; there is no need for an oscillator including power supply. An active burst mode significantly extends the dimming range, while preventing undesirable effects such as flickering or shimmering. To protect the LED driver in case of over-temperature, the ICL8105 automatically reduces the output current in case of overload.


  • Supports AC and DC input
  • AC input voltage 90VAC to 305VAC
  • Highly accurate primary side control with wide output range
  • High output current accuracy
  • Efficiency up to 91%
  • High power quality, typical power factor up to 0.9 and THD <10%
  • Integrated 600 start-up cell
  • Digital parameter setting
  • All relevant error conditions are monitored and protected
  • Under-voltage
  • Over-voltage
  • Open load
  • Output shorted




ILD2111 Digital Buck Controller Tailor-Made for LED Lighting
The ILD2111 is a digitally configurable buck controller and is designed as a constant current source with output current control (backlash) for LED drivers in the range from 10W to 150W. Thus, the regulator addresses diverse commercial LED applications. The ILD2111, too, requires only a few external components. The output current can be set easily and accurately by a resistor, and is also compatible with the LED set interface. The IC provides flicker-free PWM dimming down to 1%. The component automatically selects an operating window in order to optimally regulate different loads, depending on the switching frequency and the ripple of the output current. The output voltage is specified with 15VDC to 55VDC. Extensive, user-configurable features protect the component at under-voltage and over-voltage, short circuits, overcurrent or high temperatures.

Both driver ICs offer the advantages of the digital world which includes the ability of the LED power supply to be configured by the customer on site using software. In addition to high flexibility, this also means savings in material costs. This plays a big role in today’s highly fragmented lighting market.


  • Adjustable output current via simple external resistor also at end user (Led-set like)
  • Highly configurable using a comprehensive parameter set to tune operation and protection features
  • Flicker-free and phase-aligned PWM dimming down to 1%
  • High output current accuracy of ±5% over full output current and temperature range



.dp Vision and .dp Interface Gen2
.dp Vision is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for parameter configuration and programming of Infineon .dp digital power 2.0 ICs for evaluation purpose. With .dp Vision software, parameters of .dp products can be easily adapted to application needs.

The .dp device will be connected via USB to a computer using the .dp Interface Gen2 Hardware, which is a galvanic isolated and certified interface board.


  • Set parameter and protection behavior for .dp products
  • Test parameters temporarily
  • Burn parameters permanently
  • Automatic update of firmware on .dp Interface Gen2
  • Online update functionality keeps .dp Vision up to date
  • Assistant functionality to guide a user through a typical parametrization flow


  • Generic framework for all .dp digital power 2.0 devices
  • Application add-on packages will add the support of new products to .dp Vision


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