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JST has a solution for almost every application. From the simplest to the most complex, JST has the interconnection product that fits just about every need. We not only stock a myriad of standard items…we can quickly develop special configurations to suit your needs. Product training modules and other technical information is easily found on our website and samples can also be ordered as needed.

Customer satisfaction and lower cost is priority one at JST. We continue to introduce innovative, subminiature connectors – especially in the appliance and automotive sectors where our connector selection is truly comprehensive.

Here are six of JST’s quality subminiature connectors that incorporate space saving and low profile connection with reliability:

LEB Series

Ideally suited for LED light bar applications, the LEB Series is available in board-to-board or wire-to-board. With a low profile mated height of only 2.65mm (.104”) and a 4.0mm (.157”) pitch, they offer both polarization and friction lock.

ACH Series

The ACH Series wire-to-board connector is designed for DC power supply applications, with a 2.0A current rating for both the 2 and 3 circuits using wire sizes 28AWG. These low profile connectors have a height of only 1.4mm (.055”) and width of 4.3mm (.169”) and 1.2mm (.047”) pitch.grey-linepg18_JST_3

LEH Series
The LEH Series is a wire-to-board, crimp style connector that offers a low profile and space-saving design. The subminiature connector features a 1.8mm pitch, a side entry mating height of 3.0mm, a secure friction locking mechanism, and a mechanism to prevent improper insertion.

pg18_JST_4LEX Series
The LEX Series is an LED light subminiature wire-to-board, crimp style connector ideal for low current, low voltage LED light applications. These 2.5mm pitch, bottom entry, SMT connectors are polarized with positive locking feature when mated.

grey-line pg18_JST_5
LEN Series
The LEN Series is a wire-to-board connector that offers subminiature size, design flexibility, and reliable contact construction for high density LED light applications. These 3.0mm pitch and side entry SMT connectors are polarized and feature insertion guides for secure insertion.

LEA Series
The LEA Series is a wire-to-board, crimp style connector that provides optimum performance and subminiature size for low current, low voltage conditions required by LED light bars. A super compact, low profile connector, the LEA Series has a 1.8mm (.071”) pitch.