Lumex – QuasarBrite™ Low Power High Brightness LEDs

Developments in high brightness LEDs represent one of the most significant innovations to hit the lighting industry in recent years.

These low power high brightness LEDs have invigorated the industry by offering unparalleled benefits in lighting performance, energy efficiency, durability, and cost savings.

Part NumberPackage SizeBrightness (med) at 20mALens TypeViewing Angle (2x theta)ColorWavelength
SSL-LX5093SIC/G5mm round15,000Clear15Red630nm
SSL-LX5093SYC/G5mm round16,500Clear12Yellow595nm
SSL-LX5093UPGC/G5mm round40,000Clear15Green520nm
SSL-LX5093USBC/G5mm round15,000Clear15Blue465nm
SSL-LX5093UWC/H5mm round30,000Clear15Whiten/a


  • Cost savings
  • Low power
  • High brightness
  • Many color options


  • Battery operated handheld devices
  • Outdoor architectural lighting
  • Outdoor indicators
  • Automotive forward lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Indicator lights