ON Semiconductor – NCV7428: System Basis Chip with Integrated LIN and Voltage Regulator




NCV7428 is a System Basis Chip (SBC) integrating functions typically found in automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

NCV7428 provides and monitors the low voltage power supply for the application microcontroller and other loads and includes an LIN transceiver. Built in control logic ensures safe power-up sequence and the correct reaction to different supply conditions; it also controls mode transitions including the power management and Bus wake-up treatment.

• LIN2.x and J2602 compliant
• TxD dominant timeout protection
• Transceiver mode controlled by dedicated input pin
• Thermal shutdown protection
• LIN Bus pin protected against transients
• 3.3V or 5V VOUT supply
• Up to 70mA with accuracy of ±2%
• Under-voltage detector with a reset output
• Load dump protection (45V)
• ESD protection level for LIN and VS >±8kV