Semtech – TS13101: Galvanic Isolated Latching 60V Power Load Switch



Power Regulation, Conversion and Management

The TS13101 is a galvanically isolated 60V power switch device with bi-directional blocking.

The device includes a single integrated 110mΩ high voltage FET allowing high efficiency switching of power loads or other high current applications. The input pin, CLK, controls the turn on/off of the switch. When the correct CLK sequence is provided the switch will latch on and stay on until the turn-off sequence is given or a fault is detected.

• 60V switch and 110mΩ RDS(ON)
• Up to 4A operating current
• 4µA quiescent operating current
• Bi-directional blocking in OFF state
• 2.9V to 5.5V operating voltage
• Single control signal for on/off input (CLK)
• Scalable galvanic isolation from primary to secondary sides of the device
• 4 x 4mm 20-pin QFN package