TDK – Protect LED Lighting Systems with EPCOS Passive Components


LED lighting systems require high performance ESD and over-temperature protection if they are to live up to their potential in terms of lifetime, low maintenance costs and overall reliability. Protection components provide effective and cost-efficient protection for the LED arrays, their power supplies and control circuits.

The key threats to the reliability of LED lighting systems are:
• ESD events, including lightning
• Transient overcurrent events and surges
• Current and voltage spikes
• Reverse voltage effects
• Over-temperature

LEDs make a decisive contribution to reducing the energy consumption of lamps for indoor and outdoor use and they have a much longer maximum operating life – up to 80,000 hours and even more under ideal conditions.

Therefore, if LED lighting systems are to be as reliable and long-lived as the LEDs themselves, all of the components and subsystems must be protected effectively against these dangers, which are encountered during assembly, maintenance, and operation.

Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) and PTC and NTC thermistors are essential components for reliability in LED lighting systems.


Advantages of NTC and PTC Thermistors

  • Protect LED arrays against overheating and control their temperature profile for optimum efficiency
  • Increased reliability, longer lifetime, and reduced maintenance costs
  • When placed in series to the LED, PTC thermistors reduce the LED forward current at high temperatures

Advantages of MLVs

  • Protect circuits against low energy ESD
  • Due to their extremely low parasitic capacitance, they provide ESD protection of data lines for control of luminaires