Infineon – 32-bit XMC1400 Microcontrollers with ARM® Cortex®-M0

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The XMC1400 devices are members of the XMC1000 family of microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M0 processor core. The XMC1400 series addresses the real-time control needs of motor control and digital power conversion. It also features peripherals for LED lighting applications and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

The XMC1400 series with up to 200kB of Flash, 2 CAN nodes, 4 serial channels, 3 x 64 LED matrix control and 9-channel LED brightness and color control is unrivaled when it comes to communication and HMI tasks. At the same time, the XMC1400 is in no way lacking in terms of actuator and sensor control IP as it comes with a 12-bit ADC including 2 sample and holds, 4 comparators and 16 PWM channels. All combined in small-footprint VQFN packages with 40-pins to 64-pins and 5 x 5mm to 8 x 8mm in size.

Boot Kit XMC1400

• XMC1404 microcontroller in LQFP-64 with 200kB Flash and full peripheral set of XMC1400 series
• Detachable SEGGER J-Link



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  • Co-processor
  • Clocks
    - 48MHz frequency
    - 96MHz peripherals
  • Memory
    - 32kB to 200kB Flash
    - 16kB RAM
  • Analog
    - 1/2 ADC 12-bit/S&H
    - Up to 12-channel
    - Up to 3 analog comparators
  • Timer/PWM
    - 2x CCU4/2x CCU8
    - Position Interface (POSIF)
    - Brightness and colour control unit (BCCU)
  • Connectivity
    - 4x universal serial interface channel (USIC)
    - CAN2.0B
  • Package
    - VQFN-40/48/64
    - LQFP-64
  • Supply voltage range 3.13V to 3.63V
  • Temperature range:
    -40°C to +85°C/+125°C


  • I/O modules
  • Low cost motor control solutions
  • Digital power conversion
  • Small combustion engines


DAVETM (Version 4) – Development Platform for XMCTM Microcontrollers
• Professional free-of-charge development platform for code generation: Eclipse based IDE using GNU C-compiler providing extensive, configurable, and reusable code repository for XMC industrial microcontroller powered by ARM Cortex-M processors

• Application oriented code repository merged with graphical system design methods and automatic code generator to guide XMC microcontroller user along the entire process – from evaluation-to-production (E2P); XMC Lib and DAVE generated code can be used with other 3rd party tool chains