MPS – MP173: 700V Non-Isolated Off-Line Regulator with Up to 280mA Output Current

Power Regulation, Conversion and Management

MP173 is a primary-side regulator that provides accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without an opto- coupler. It supports buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback topologies. It has an integrated 700V MOSFET to simplify the structure and reduce cost. These features make it an ideal regulator for offline, low power applications, such as home appliances and stand-by power. Both the peak current and switching frequency decrease as the load decreases. This feature provides excellent efficiency at light-load and improves the overall average efficiency.


  • Integrated 700V MOSFET and current source
  • Up to 4W output power
  • Low VCC operating current
  • Limited maximum frequency
  • TSD, UVLO, OLP, SCP, open-loop protection
  • Maximum CCM output current less than 280mA
  • Frequency foldback
  • Peak-current compression
  • TSOT23-5 and SOIC-8 packages