Schurter – Compact Single-Phase Filter Offers Design Flexibility for a Wide Current Range


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SCHURTER’s compact, high performance single-phase filter family, FMAB NEO, offers 3 different levels of design flexibility. FMAB NEO design N comes with two large X capacitors that offer high symmetrical attenuation in the lower frequency range. The filter design P contains two standard X capacitors for high symmetrical attenuation, while Design Q offers one X capacitor for good symmetrical attenuation. With the extended temperature range from -40°C to +100°C, all filters are suitable for applications used in harsh environments.

Due to the FMAB NEO filter’s polished steel housing with a closed filter base, the filter is completely and effectively shielded, regardless of how it is mounted. The filter series is particularly suitable for equipment with high symmetrical interferences, such as devices with semiconductors that control high power equipment, including professional coffee machines, devices with water heaters, and all types of industrial electronics.

The filter family is fitted with plug-in connections or threaded bolts, and a version with wire connections is also available. The metal flange provides easy screw-on mounting.

The series of filters is designed for current levels from 1A to 60A at 250 VAC according to IEC and UL standards. The FMAB NEO has ENEC and cURus approvals and is suited for applications according to IEC 60950. Versions are available with small leakage currents <80μA (M80) or without leakage current <5μA (M5) for medical equipment according to IEC/UL 60601-1.



  • Single-phase block filter: 250 VAC
  • Excellent symmetrical attenuation
  • Current Ratings:
    - Design N: 1A to 30A at +40°C
    - Design P, Q: 1A to 60A at +40°C
  • Terminals
    - 1A to 20A: Quick connect 6.3 x 0.8mm
    - 30A to 60A: Nut and bolt
    - Optional: Wire leads
  • Medical versions available: M5/M80


  • Design P: Applications with high symmetrical interferences
  • Applications with low ambient temperatures
  • Industrial
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Datacom equipment
  • Medical equipment


Technical FeaturesDesignPart Number
1A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2630.01
3A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2631.01
4A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2632.01
6A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2633.01
8A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2634.01
10A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2635.01
12A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2636.01
16A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2637.01
20A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2638.01
30A at +40°C, 250 VACN5500.2639.03
1A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2640.01
3A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2641.01
6A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2642.01
10A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2643.01
12A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2644.01
16A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2645.01
20A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2646.01
30A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2647.03
60A at +40°C, 250 VACP5500.2648.03
1A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2650.01
3A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2651.01
6A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2652.01
10A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2653.01
12A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2654.01
16A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2655.01
20A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2656.01
30A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2657.03
60A at +40°C, 250 VACQ5500.2658.03