STMicroelectonics – Learn how to use the STM32F7 216MHz Cortex-M7 MCU smart architecture to achieve superior performance in your next design!

Join our STM32F7 hands-on seminar and receive a FREE STM32F7 Discovery kit


The seminar will feature hands-on classes using the STM32CubeMX to generate and debug a range of embedded projects on the STM32F7 Discovery board. Topics covered in the seminar include:

  • how to use the CubeMX device selection matrix, pin mapping utility, clock configuration and code-generation utilities
  • how to get started with the STM32F7 Discovery kit, STM32Cube firmware library and IDE
  • unleashing the full performance of the STM32F7 (1082 CoreMark/462 DMIPS at 216 MHz fCPU)
  • benchmark and performance measurement projects to optimize performance using the superscaler Cortex-M7 core and caches
  • how to use the DSP capability of the Cortex-M7 core to develop and debug an audio signal processing project
List of Cities
AustinMay 3, 2016
BostonMay 3, 2016
ChicagoMay 17, 2016
DallasMay 5, 2016
MinneapolisMay 24, 2016
MontrealJune 7, 2016
Orange CountyMay 10, 2016
OrlandoMay 19, 2016
PhiladelphiaMay 11, 2016
PittsburghJune 9, 2016
San DiegoMay 12, 2016
San FranciscoJune 8, 2016
Santa ClaraJune 1, 2016
Santa ClaraJune 2, 2016
Toronto (Markham)June 1, 2016
Toronto (Waterloo)June 14, 2016

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